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I was listening to a webinar recently and heard a phrase that was a “pure gold” nugget. As the conversation progressed it seemed to me that the speaker had not even realized the full impact of what he said.

Mark Hoverson, one of the top leaders in MyLeadSysytemPro was talking about leaders who, after getting a team started, have a tendency to stop working on their own businesses while helping their team build their businesses. The philosophy he was discussing was one of “leaving his team members in the dust.”

He did not mean to not help others who need help, or to ignore those who you have sponsored into your business. Rather, the leader must keep prospecting and doing the things necessary to keep building his own business–as large and as fast as possible.

I think you understand the idea, but the phrase that really caught my attention was, “you have to run into your potential.”

You have to understand and believe that whatever anyone else has achieved, you have the same or greater potential. You can make all kinds of excuses; they have more “A players” on their list, or they are better presenters, or they have “charisma,” or yada, yada, yada; excuses, all.

But, no one has any skill that you can’t develop. No one gets “all the good prospects.” In my experience, skills, talents, even circumstances are not critically important The only characteristic anyone has that you don’t have, yet, is certainty. And it is the only important one.

It’s not even a matter of having goals. Successful people usually have goals, but that is not what makes them successful. Success is created from the attitude of certainty. Every—not some, not a few, not many, but every–successful person started with or quickly acquired the certainty that they would achieve their outcome. They may even have modified their goals as they progressed, but always with the certainty that they would achieve them.

Most networkers on the other hand, start with and never progress far beyond the “I want to…” stage. Don’t get this wrong, you can achieve some pretty substantial, even impressive, results with determination, will power and hard work. But those who reach the top, the leaders we all look up to and try to emulate, all have or develop certainty of where they are going and “run into their potential.”

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